ADH Gas Stove With Stainless Steel Top And 2 Burners

UGX 150,000.00

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Quick Overview


  • Product Line: The gas stove cooks with a gas supply connected to it
  • Model: New
  • Production Country: China
  • Size (L x W x H cm): 60cm by 30cm
  • Weight (kg): 0.5
  • Certifications: Eco Friendly

Product Description

Buy ADH Gas Stove With Stainless Steel Top And 2 Burners
This gas stove is  made of high quality stainless steel components with specially 2 designed burners that assure optimum heat with minimum gas consumption. It’s extra large knobs makes it easy to ignite and extinguish the fire flame very simply. It’s stainless steel components make it easy to clean and are absolutely rust proof. The gas stove has a strong metallic top made of stainless steel for easy cleaning and elegance. It doesn’t break however you should handle it with care. The blue film is just a covering on the gas stove which can be removed after purchase. the top of this gas stove is made of stainless steel metal and it is un breakable.


  • Has 2 specifically designed burners
  • Consumes less gas
  • Automatically ignites gas  without matches over 30,000 times
  • Has a metallic top
  • Extra large knobs makes it easy to use
  • It is affordable
  • Quality assured
  • Has very strong enamel grates to support heavy saucepans
  • It is durable


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